Teacher's Workshops

Children's Workshops

Practise English with your colleagues and become more confident in English while expanding your vocabulary! Plenty of fun activities to encourage you to speak English.

Learn how to teach English in your classroom. This workshop provides you with a basis on which to start your English lessons.

Confidence building workshop to help you to improve your spoken English in the classroom.

If you need to speak to non-native Dutch parents in English then this is the workshop for you! The workshop includes plenty of speaking practise to enable you to converse more easily in English.

This workshop with improve your English vocabulary and help you to teach English with more confidence. 

This is an energetic workshop designed to provide you with games and activities to play in your classroom immediately.

This workshop is designed to show you how to do more Total Physical Response (TPR) activities in the classroom.

How to use books in the classroom. This workshop will show you the many ways in which you can utilise books and make reading fun for the children.

This workshops gives you tips and tricks for creating your own lesson plans and making English fun in the classroom.

This workshop gives you plenty of tips for getting the children to speak in the classroom including co-operative learning techniques and fun activities to enthuse both teachers and children.



About English for Schools

  • About me

    I'm Clare Cole and my ethos is 'making English fun for everyone' - that's why I founded English for Schools. I always aim to increase the confidence of the learner and improve language skills through games and fun activities.

  • Why English for Schools?

    I noticed that some of the teachers at my children's school were afraid to teach English because they didn't have the confidence to speak it themselves. So, I decided to help teachers to gain more confidence by providing them with the necessary tools to teach English in a fun way, using games, songs and activities.

  • English training

    Having trained hundreds of teachers, through the Hogeschool Utrecht, the EarlyBird and English for Schools, to get the most out of their English lessons. I've gained valuable insights into the most effective ways to teach English to primary school children.

  • Writing, editing and proof reading

    My other work includes writing and editing for the publishers Blink and Noordhoff. I have worked on both primary and secondary school ESL courses including, GrooveMe, Wired and Stepping Stones.

English for Schools – CCES: KvK number: 56776349 


Extra Services

Clare teaches us exactly what we need to know to be able to teach fun and effective English lessons in the classroom.

Damiaanschool, Zeist

I love the way Clare taught us, she's so enthusiastic and to the point. She teaches us things that can be used in the classroom immediately. Really helpful, great!

Damiaanschool, Zeist

The workshops were given really well. Clare is very enthusiastic and anticipates what the group needs.

Schoolteacher, Amsterdam


Schoolteacher, Hoofddorp

The workshops were very good, varied and energetic. We had lots of fun and there were plenty of activities. Thank you!

Schoolteacher, Amersfoort

It has been an excellent course. You have been an excellent teacher, you're so full of ideas. Thank you very much.

Schoolteacher, Utrecht