About (English)

Our mission is to encourage and support the learning of English in the Netherlands. We do this by providing teachers with the confidence and necessary skills to teach, and by making learning English fun for children.

About us

English for Schools was established by Clare Cole in 2012 to train primary-school teachers in the most effective methods of teaching a second language.

Clare is originally from England and, having lived in France for 3 years, moved to the Netherlands in 2007 with her family. Having two bilingual children has given her a clear understanding of how languages are learned by small children and given her the enthusiasm to stimulate young learners. After attaining the University of Cambridge CELTA qualification, she began teaching English to young children but in the last 6 years has specialised in training teachers.

She has conducted training courses for the Hogeschool Utrecht Theo Thijssen Institute and is currently an EarlyBird trainer. Through this, Clare has gained a wealth of experience and has built a large professional network whose broad range of expertise she is able to draw on.