Workshops (English)


Aim: To gain an understanding of how children learn foreign languages and the methods associated with creating a successful learning environment.

This foundation workshop aims to prepare you for and provides you with the basis for teaching English to primary school children. Including topics such as classroom vocabulary, teaching methods and basic grammar, this workshop involves plenty of fun activities to give you more confidence speaking and teaching English.

You will investigate the ways in which language is learned by children and the importance of methods such as total immersion and the use of different media. Upon completion, you will be equipped with the basic tools of English teaching as well as the confidence to help your learners to feel more secure.

 Duration: 2 hours                 

Aim: To identify the key areas of language that children need and to provide the skills in order to build a comprehensive lesson plan.

In this workshop, you will learn how to ascertain the best language and methods to use in your lessons. 

This workshop gives participants the opportunity to create their own lesson plans. 

You will gain an in-depth understanding of how to structure a language lesson. Using the techniques learned, you will develop the ability to plan your own English lessons which are both effective and successful.

 Duration: 2 hours                 

Aim: To improve, refresh and increase confidence in the teachers’ own English skills and to provide teachers with functional English for use in class.

This module is suitable for less-experienced speakers of English (A2 – B1) and is designed to provide the basic language skills and knowledge of grammar. Concentrating on practical, everyday phrases you will gain increased confidence in English whether instructing, disciplining or    praising students.

Covering classroom words, useful phrases and essential grammar, this workshop involves plenty of speaking practise and is particularly suitable for teachers who feel less confident in their English. You will gain a good foundation upon which to build further skills.

Duration: 2 hours                 

Aim: To learn ways to introduce and build vocabulary in the classroom

Focusing on vocabulary, this workshop will cover how to introduce and teach new vocabulary in fun ways with games and activities. You will learn the specific vocabulary to teach, how to introduce new words and how to encourage its use.

After this workshop you will be equipped with a variety of effective methods to introduce new language to your students.

Duration: 2 hours                  

Aim: To introduce an overview of the various strategies to promote receptive and productive skills.

Studying this workshop will develop your skills in teaching young children to listen to and speak English. Initially concentrating on children’s receptive ability, you will also learn ways to encourage children to produce the language by themselves in a natural way.

Duration: 2 hours                  

Aim: To enable the teachers to effectively teach children to read and write in English.

This workshop is aimed at teachers in the upper primary school and enables teachers to effectively teach children how to read and write in English. The workshop focuses on the different phonics in English and helping the children to identify different sounds and letters. Concentrating on the most frequently used words and phrases in the English language, this workshop will show you many practical and fun methods to develop reading and writing skills.

Duration: 2 hours                 

Aim: To explore ways of using books to support the learning of English and to provide you with examples of books which can be used at school.

This workshop will show you effective ways to use books in order to teach English to your students. From nursery rhymes to books for older children, you will learn about the available resources and techniques that can be applied to all age groups.

You will also look at some specific examples and gain an insight into how you can use the language within books to support your lessons.

Duration: 2 hours                 

Aim: To familiarise teachers with relevant activities and time-saving resources to enhance and vary English lessons.

This workshop explores the wide variety of resources available and activities to use to make English teaching more fun for teacher and students alike. Here, you will look at a diverse range of activity types including games, songs and stories and how to get the best use out of your resources.

Through this workshop, you will be able to determine the most suitable materials to use for different types of learner.

Duration: 2 hours                 

Aim: To analyse the principles of TPR didactical model and understand the principles behind it.

Studying this workshop will help you to integrate TPR into your teaching. You will examine the Total Physical Response method and will learn how to apply it effectively in order to create an interesting and effective learning experience.

Focusing on the practical application of TPR in the classroom, you will learn skills which enable you to make your English lessons more dynamic.

Duration: 2 hours                  

Aim: To understand the CLIL approach to teaching and its application in the teaching of English.

The CLIL workshop will introduce you to different ways to integrate English into your students’ overall learning framework.

This workshop focuses on and involves many practical activities, but you will also acquire the theoretical knowledge to develop your understanding of the CLIL method.

Duration: 2 hours                 

This workshop is ideal for teachers who need to deal with English speaking parents/guardians.

The workshop will enable you to speak, more confidently, to parents whose native language is not Dutch.

During the workshop you will learn specific phrases which help you to, deal with complaints, give feedback to parents, discuss a child’s progress and talk about behavioural issues.

Useful email and telephone phrases are also covered as well as how to use the correct language, structures and style when dealing with non-native Dutch parents.

In the workshop you will work with templates and role play scenarios to help you to gain more confidence in your spoken English. Basic structural phrases will enable you to develop your English further to ensure that you become more confident when dealing with parents in English.

All workshops are given in English